November 7 2022

It is around this point of our yearly cycle in which I find myself at my lowest points of psycho-emotional stability:
every trough feels yet deeper than the last.
With a capricious yet imposing timing, mercurial temperaments of listless melancholy transform into manic & short-sighted suicidal ideation.
I am so tired of living my life like this—being perceived as I am by others around me.
I find no passion nor joy in schoolwork, and any such pleasure must be forcefully wrung out of music.
With that said, I am pleased to report that I am making solid progress on my next project
& I would like to share some more information about it with you.

Laurels of the End of History is looking to be about 10-15 minutes long & I am very excited
to announce that it will be mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Anna Lily.
I’m looking at an early 2023 release. It will feature instrumental work from Anna herself,
as well as Farkas Aron (AKA Composition Booklet), Loto, Crochet, and others yet to be announced.
September 20th 2022

It's ok that people have completely misunderstood the point of my album. It's ok that they don't like it.
Where I begin to take issues, however, is when people make their disliking of my album a matter of culture or authencitity.
I have put more thought and work into this project than these people could ever know, they scrape the surface
of my themes for superficial criticisms and then have the nerve to say things like "it is lost in translation" or
"the passion is obviously there, it just comes across as a superficial impersonation." You don't even know what this
album is about in the first place. Your critical media analysis begins and ends with the title of the album and a quick
glance through the lyrical content. But none of these people when they engage with my album critically dare to touch any
of the album which is not historical, but is instead about me, about nearly dying, about transitioning, about discovering
myself. They don't stop and think; the tagline "a story of two halves told in three parts about one People shattered into seven
and one Person taping themselves back together" wasn't chosen haphazardly. The release date wasn't chosen haphazardly. The lyrical
content wasn't chosen haphazardly. I don't want to hear claims of impersonation when these people cannot even bother to contemplate
about what is really being said. Instead, they pontificate amongst themselves, poking fun until it's time to move on. None of these
people ever bother to engage in a conversation with me, because they know they're in the wrong at the end of the day.
These people could never begin to comprehend the care and passion that went behind every single thought going into this project &
they either do not anticipate or fear vulnerability and authencitity in music. And in this regard, they simply prove a huge facet of
my album correct. With time, these people will become more and more of a minority. Eventually, its time will come. It's just unfortunate
to see something I put every fiber of my being into be discarded like this. They are not ready, and that is ok.
I know what I have, I know what I made, I know what it's worth. It is not my fault many are too stupid to see it. They lack empathy
and despite an outward dogmatism, see music as nothing more than entertainment for their consumption and discardment.
Listen, rate, move on. Listen, rate, move on.