facade in a wall contains an altar. complete with a bible propped on a stand and a cross hanging above

What a happy family... such a beautiful, tasteful portrait!

First and foremost, I want to thank my mother and Hex for their support--financial or otherwise--throughout this project.
Second, this album is specially dedicated to the memories of Guillermo Anderson and Gloria Argumedo. Thank you for everything, I hope I get to meet you both again soon (but not too soon)
I want to continue with a series of deep, meaningful displays of gratitude. Thank you to Frank, Aron, and Zach for your work. This wouldn't have been the same without any of you. Thank you to James (Rozwell) for your patience and attentiveness to the project; what I could only approximate, you made into reality. Thank you to Skylar and Vinny for your consistent backing; I couldn't have chosen better musicians to follow me throughout this journey. On that note, thank you to Lila and Ven for your artistic contributions throughout the years--you are both phenomenal artists. Thank you to Halldor for providing a wonderful platform for my essays, having your support throughout has truly made the difference.


"Monty, this is great and all, but I want to listen to your music and I do not want to download it from Bandcamp even though the digital version is free but I also want it lossless"
Or "Monty, I want the stems to use in this new dope ass Kanye West stem player and/or remix this shit better than you could ever dream"
Or "Monty I am a pirate I love to download things illegally did you know that you have a moral obligation to pirate everything"
Ok https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1emEPD-kzijWfaCg--YAZr2bto65JEyMm?usp=sharing
"Monty I do not like you and you suck and I do hate you"
Ok well i can't help you there sorry that's not my department
"Monty I love you let me email you and tell you I love you and or any other number of things"
Ok theccgcontact (AT) gmail.com just be respectful
"Monty who drew the little artsy fartsy things on this website"
Same person who did the album cover, venreload on Twitter and Instagram shout out!!!!
"Monty where did you learn to code to make this website?"
I didn't